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Frequently Asked Questions

The Dryer Stand has been designed to free up space in your laundry, by securely holding your dryer above the washing machine.

For a small investment, the dryer stand offers protection for your laundry whitegoods plus many other benefits:

  • Adjustable feet for uneven floors
  • Anti-slip rubber surface on the shelf to decrease dryer movement when in operation
  • Easy to assemble. All the tools required (Allen key, Spanner, Nuts and Bolts) are included together with an easy to follow instruction sheet
  • Eliminates the need for drilling holes into thin walls, protecting the structural integrity of the home.
  • No need for brackets or additional wall reinforcements, and skilled tradespersons to install
  • Peace of mind 2 years Manufacturers Warranty
Not at all! This is the key feature of the Dryer Stand. Being  free-standing, it’s a perfect addition to any laundry or wet room area.
Ideal for renters and homeowners who are unable to, or do not want to, drill holes in the wall for mounting brackets. It’s portable design means you can take with you when you move.
For new home builds, it eliminates the need to reinforce the walls for mounting a tumble dryer.

The Dryer Stand has been designed to fit around most domestic washing machine and can accommodate up to three different height and width adjustments.

Smallest configuration inside cavity: H:53.5″ W:23″ D:23.6″ | H:134cm W:58cm D:60cm

Largest configuration inside cavity: H:57″ W:27.5″ D:23.6″ | H:145cm W:70cm D:60cm

The Dryer Stand Maxi is now expandable and can adjust to the width of most domestic washing machines and clothes dryers.

Please refer to our size charts.

It also features adjustable feet for uneven laundry floors.

The Dryer Stand is Australian sustainably engineered and designed, and is made from durable mild steel which is rustproof and powder-coated to complement your existing white goods.

We cannot offer variations in color.

The Dryer stand (for top loading washing machines) can hold up to a maximum of 75kg or 165lbs (the average domestic dryer weighs between 15-30kg or 33-66lbs when empty).
The Dryer stand Maxi (for front loading washing machines) can hold up to a maximum of 100kgs or 220.4lbs.
Both stands are capable of holding a condenser, heat pump or conventional clothes tumble dryer.
The Dryer Stand has passed CE and SGS International testing successfully and complies with all loads.
Yes, but don’t worry, it’s easy! The Dryer Stand is conveniently packaged in a flat-pack box which includes easy to follow assembly instructions.
You can also view our assembly video for step-by-step instructions.
All that you need is inside the box, screws, hex (allen) keys, bolts and if you get stuck, refer to our easy to follow videos.
Yes, the Dryer Stand comes with our 2 Year manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind. For more information, see our Warranty Policy.
No. This is not recommended as the maximum weight is 75kgs or 165lbs for the Dryer Stand and 100kgs or 220lbs for the Maxi
The Dryer Stand comes with adjustable feet. If you have uneven floors, it is important to level the feet to accommodate the floors.
Most movement of the stand will be from uneven floors, even in new home builds. There should be little movement.
Assemble the stand, use one hand to check and adjust the feet placement.
To ensure the integrity of the stands, we cannot accept refunds if the outer packaging box has been opened or if any inside contents have been removed.
Therefore it is essential that you measure the space you have and your appliances and use our size charts to order the correct stand.
Change of mind refunds after shipment cannot be recalled, please contact us once your delivery arrives to give you the next steps.
There should be very little movement once the tumble dryer is placed on the top shelf.
Movement is likely due to uneven floors or the tumble dryer hasn’t been placed directly on the top shelf.  Please adjust your feet settings.
The Dryer Stand is adjustable with three (3) different configurations. Ensure you measure the exact width and height of your washing machine, and the space you have and use the size chart that shows the three various configurations BEFORE you place your order.
The Maxi Stand is also adjustable so therefore, ensure you take all the measurements as shown in the size charts.
Please note, we cannot accept returns once the packaging box has been opened.
We are happy to consult with you on the right stand to purchase for your space via email: sales@dryerstands.co.uk

Whilst this has not been tested, some buyers have reported using this for a small chest freezer.

If you choose to use the stand with a small chest freezer, ensure the stand is stable and the weight fully loaded does not exceed the recommended weight limit.

Please note though: we hold no responsibility should you choose to use the dryer stand in this way.

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